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We all experience stress in our daily lives and a key marker of our health is our ability to adapt to it. Because of our inherent intersections to trauma and privilege, many of us are incapable of adapting fluidly and with ease. I want to shine a light on your movement patterns and invite you into a collaborative space where we can work together to help you address your pain and forge a new path forward on your healing journey.

Holistic biomechanics training that builds mental and physical strength, improves athletic performance, and helps you build the resilience needed to live the life of your dreams

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I want you to feel safe and strong in your body, knowing that you can handle the daily stresses of life, and I truly believe biomechanics training is the key. 

Hi, I’m Coach Bob, a human biomechanics specialist and the other half of Root Function, a chiropractic and movement practice based in West Chester and Kennet Square, PA. Together with my partner, we founded Root Function to be a vibrant and life-giving space for people to come and deepen their relationship with their body and healing process. I’m here to share my biomechanics education and resources in hopes it will be transformative for you in your journey. 

No body is dysfunctional and no body is broken. Our bodies are resilient, adaptable, and capable of healing. Through the lens of biomechanics training, we’ll approach fitness and movement like you’ve never experienced before.

No body is dysfunctional and no body is broken. 

Our bodies are resilient, adaptable, and capable of healing. Through the lens of biomechanics training, we’ll approach fitness and movement like you’ve never experienced before.

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- brIan w.

''I came to Bob with chronic back and shoulder pain, a feeling of constant stress and anxiety, and a desire to get stronger while learning something new. In working with Bob, I truly came to understand my body. I’ve found relief from my pain and feel so much mental relief. ''

I coach all of my clients from a whole-human, integrated lens, factoring in your unique history, injuries and goals. Sessions are offered either in person if you’re local to Kennett Square or via Zoom. Biomechanics training is likely different from any training you’ve experienced before. We’ll start with an in-depth two hour assessment and then move sequentially each week through exercises designed to unwind years of tension and injuries and rebuild your flexibility and strength from the ground up.

I aim to create a safe and brave space where you are free to show up authentically and honestly as I do the same. My one and only goal is to help you reach yours.

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If any of these sound like you, I’d love to chat about how I can support you in your fullest expression

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  • Deepen your relationship to self and those closest to you
  • Expedite healing of long-term injuries
  • Better resource you to handle stress
  • Provide a solid foundation for rehabilitation and strength-building
  • Equip you to reach your fitness and movement goals
  • Enable you to live injury-free for years to come with proper movement patterns

What biomechanics training can do for you:

  • Ongoing pain that you can’t seem to resolve through traditional personal training or PT
  • Repetitive injuries from playing the sport you love
  • A desire to get back to working out after a period of inactivity
  • Frustration over trying to create a movement routine that actually works for you, your schedule AND your body
  • Wanting to improve athletic performance and feel stronger and more confident
  • An eagerness to shift your posture and how you carry yourself

What you may be currently experiencing: